Valentine's Day Ideas for Little Money

hello, just thought I would share some valentines day ideas that don't cost anything or are very cheap for everyone!

#1. find some candles around the house, make your husband or wife's favorite dinner, wether it be a burger like my husband :) or a steak. Bring the table up to the couch so you two can sit next to each other, it makes it little more romantic. Turn some slow music on your tv if you have it or a radio. Light those candles and talk about when you first meet with your lover and enjoy each other!

#2. go out for a walk maybe to your favorite take out restaurant. Get some cheap take out, bring it back home, light those candles and bring out the nice plates. Put the take out on them like you made it :), put on a romantic movie, maybe the notebook and cuddle up with a blanket and your honey and let the night take you away! ♥

p.s. try to make it not so much like every other night haha... and by the way no buying presents, just write how you feel on a piece of paper. For those of you with kids ...maybe let them help design the front with paint and there fingers and you write how you love your man inside! For those of you without kids, you design the front maybe with a picture of the two of you that you love. This goes for men, too. We love sentimental stuff and attention way more then presents...

good luck love krysta and linsie, designers of kmthomasdesigns

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