*NEW* Picture Perfect Birth Announcement Design

I love multiple picture birth announcements, so the new Picture Perfect design is great!!  Check out this new design and our many others at KM Thomas Designs.

*NEW* Creamsicle Birth Announcement

I am sooo beyond in LOVE with the new Creamsicle design!! I don't know if it is my longing for spring and summer or just the simplicity and cheerfulness of the design!

This design was inspired by a party design featured on Project Nursery (my absolutely favorite site for inspiration!) by ChildStyle. I love everything about it!!!

Now for the design inspired by this gorgeous party......

Check out the new Creamsicle design at KM Thomas Designs!!

*NEW* - Heart Strings Birth Announcement

I am loving the simple modern feel of the new Heart Strings birth announcement. By having a simple design with just a touch of color it really allows your new addition to take center stage! Check out this new design and our many others at KM Thomas Designs.

*NEW* Sprinkles Birthday Invite

I just LOVE full picture birthday invites! The new Sprinkles Invite is so simple and clean and really lets your little one shine on there special day. Check this new design out and many others at KM Thomas Designs.

*NEW* - Modernist and Reversed Modernist Shower Invitation

 Do you have a shower approaching or know someone that does? These new modern designs are perfect for inviting your guest! Check out the new Modernist and Reversed Modernist Designs along with our many others at KM Thomas Designs.